Top 10 Best App for Live Streaming Mobile Broadcasting

Discover the top live streaming apps for creating engaging content on the go. Compare features, benefits, and compatibility to find the perfect fit for your live streaming needs. Enhance your video content strategy and connect with your audience seamlessly.

Aug-15, 2023



Would you rather watch Gordon Ramsay cook a steak in a video or read about it? Most people prefer watching the engaging process in a live-streamed video, and this includes both you and your audience.

Today, live videos are vital for businesses looking to grow and connect with customers. Live streaming is a powerful tool at the core of this strategy.

For the best viewer experience with your carefully created live content, you need a top-notch live streaming app . This platform should facilitate seamless content sharing and promotion, alongside the ability to record and store broadcasts for future use.

Now, the question arises: Which live streaming applications should you utilize based on your distinct requirements? This article will precisely address this query. It will not only outline the fundamentals of the finest live streaming apps, but also highlight essential features to consider when selecting a mobile streaming app for business purposes. Additionally, we will delve into the leading apps available and provide insight into the variety of live streaming applications accessible in the market.

What Is Best App for Live Streaming?

Live streaming apps are software applications designed for broadcasting purposes. They enable users to capture, stream, record, and easily share live streaming content.

The intricacies and capabilities of these live streaming apps can differ based on the specific platform. Basic options let users capture and stream content, while advanced video hosting platforms have features like advanced recording, search, promotions, and social media.

Live streaming apps come in various setups. Some operate only using a mobile phone to capture live content during events, which is then sent to the app for streaming. Other streaming apps are integrated with more complex computer software.

Choosing the right live streaming app for your business depends on your needs and objectives. It might involve comparing specifications and features, or it could be as straightforward as selecting a platform that fits your budget.

Best App for Live Streaming Stats and Trends in 2023

Live Streaming Statistics and Trends in 2023 The realm of live video streaming apps is experiencing an explosive growth, presenting a plethora of opportunities. Below are several statistics and trends that underscore the boundless potential within live video streaming applications: • The global online video platform industry is projected to grow by 8.4% between 2021 and 2028.

• By 2027, the live streaming industry will be valued at an impressive $247 billion.

• In 2023, multistreaming remains popular, and many platforms allow broadcasting to multiple places.

• During the initial six months of the pandemic, live streaming events witnessed a remarkable 300% surge.

• Live streams captivate viewers' attention for durations 10 to 20 times longer compared to prerecorded content.

• Over three-fourths of internet users engage with online video content on a weekly basis.

• Viewers are more inclined to retain messages conveyed through video content than other forms of communication.

• Utilizing video content marketing contributes to a 49% faster revenue growth compared to other content types. For businesses and organizations aspiring to delve into the realm of professional broadcasting, leveraging the support of top-tier live streaming platforms and apps is imperative.

7 Key Features of Best App for Live Streaming

When choosing the ideal live streaming app, what aspects should you keep in mind? To discover the right fit for your requirements, it's crucial to thoughtfully evaluate your content objectives and compare them with the features provided by different cloud platforms. Let's explore the seven fundamental features to prioritize when searching for the optimal live streaming apps to fulfill your broadcasting needs.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

When your audience engages with your live stream, providing them with an optimal and seamless live stream experience is paramount. The inclusion of adaptive bitrate streaming serves as a crucial feature in ensuring a top-notch viewing journey.

For individuals grappling with low-quality internet connections, encountering buffering during a live stream is a common challenge. The persistent occurrence of buffering can lead to frustration and even prompt viewers to abandon the live stream altogether.

The brilliance of adaptive bitrate streaming lies in its ability to cater to users' internet capabilities. This entails offering various streams with different bitrates based on the strength of their connections. Consequently, a user blessed with a robust internet connection will relish a higher-quality rendition of your live stream compared to someone grappling with a weaker link.

This is achieved by the video player's astute detection of shifts in internet connections and processing capabilities. It then automatically adjusts the stream's bitrate, resulting in a seamless and visually pleasing live streaming video platform. The finest live streaming apps incorporate adaptive bitrate streaming.

This feature proves especially beneficial for mobile users who are on the move while enjoying the live stream. Adaptive bitrate streaming keeps the viewing experience smooth even if data speeds change, as the stream adjusts to speed differences.

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

For adaptive multi-bitrate streaming to your audience, your app should start by creating your stream in different bitrates. A good live streaming app has automated transcoding, which delivers your content in various bitrates without needing your constant attention. Multi-bitrate streaming takes your camera images and converts them for different devices and internet speeds. Top live streaming apps make it easy to show your content in the right format for users without making things harder for you. Unlike adaptive bitrate streaming, this approach lets you publish your video in multiple bitrates, giving viewers choices. Adaptive bitrate streaming changes the bitrate based on connection speed changes.

HTML5 Video Player

Presently, the HTML5 video platform stands as the most versatile and universally compatible video player available. Opting for a live streaming app equipped with an HTML5 video player is essential for maximizing your potential audience reach. The HTML5 video player has effectively supplanted Adobe's Flash player and is renowned as the "all-device video player." An appropriate live streaming video platform employs HTML5 video players to provide your viewers with seamless access to your content, irrespective of the device or browser they employ.

HLS Video Streaming

To ensure your viewers can access your live streaming content, it's essential to transmit it from your camera and system to their devices. The most advanced and effective method for achieving this is through HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol. HLS facilitates the delivery of audio and visual media over the internet, enhancing speed and reliability for end-users. Remarkably, the same HLS video streaming protocol seamlessly integrates with HTML5 video player streaming, guaranteeing users an exceptional live stream experience across all devices.

RTMP Ingest

When your camera captures video files, the necessity arises to convert them into a digital format more suitable for live streaming. Following this process, the files are conveyed from the encoder to your live video streaming app or software. Presently, the optimal protocol for seamless encoder-to-app transportation is RTMP. To ensure your live video app works well with popular streaming technology, make sure it supports RTMP ingest. This protocol helps big files move smoothly online, keeping video streams stable and reliable for users.

M3U8 Links

Safeguarding your video content holds significant importance, particularly when you rely on live streaming services for revenue generation. Utilizing M3U8 links for streaming ensures both security and compatibility.

When your video is dispatched through HLS delivery to an HTML5 player, the streams incorporate M3U8 links. These links play a pivotal role in guiding the video player to the exact location of the video content, enabling seamless playback while concurrently integrating a security token. These security tokens establish regular communication with your app's live streaming servers, thereby upholding any security measures you may have implemented for your live broadcast videos. This encompasses elements like password protection and viewing restrictions. This feature stands as a critical component of live streaming applications, particularly if you intend to monetize your content.

Mobile Broadcasting Support

The ability to swiftly and conveniently generate live streaming content is of utmost importance for accomplishing your business objectives. And the most effective approach to achieve this is through live video streaming from a mobile broadcasting-enabled app. Rather than depending solely on a platform accessible solely from a computer connected to a bulky camera, opt for a live streaming platform that boasts its own mobile app.

This empowers you to effortlessly capture and stream content from any location, ensuring you're well-prepared to capture on-the-spot action during planned live streams. Additionally, it allows you to instantly go live whenever the inspiration strikes.

Comparing the Top 10 Best App for Live Streaming Mobile Broadcasting in 2023

There are dozens of live streaming apps available today. Some are suited for individual users, while others are more suited for businesses. Here’s a breakdown of 10 of the best live streaming apps in 2023.

  1. Larix Broadcaster

Effortlessly stream real-time audio and/or video content with Larix Broadcaster. Company Overview: Larix Broadcaster offers a wide range of live streaming features, making it easy to quickly stream content from your mobile device. Its accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, the app offers a screen recording feature for both platforms, make it easier live streaming through screen sharing. Core Functionality: With a user-friendly mobile app, Larix Broadcaster caters to both beginners and live stream experience broadcasters.

Key Features:

• Publishing via RTMP and RTSP protocols • Simultaneous connections for streaming to multiple destinations • Compatibility with various platforms such as YouTube Live and Twitch • Three modes of adaptive video bitrate support: logarithmic descent, ladder ascent, and hybrid approach. • Option for audio-only capture.


• Free live streaming app • Ability to stream to multiple services, seamlessly integrating into existing content strategies • Audio-only capture functionality • Multiple adaptive video bitrate modes


• Some users find newer app versions to be confusing Pricing: Larix Broadcaster is a fantastic live streaming app available for free on both Android and iPhone platforms.

Technical Details:

• Operating Systems: Android, iOS • File Size: 17.1 MB • Device Compatibility: iOS 12 or later for Apple devices; Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), API 18+ or later for Android devices Best Use Case: Larix Broadcaster is flexible, ideal for streaming events or managing multi-device productions. It stood out in virtual drafts by NFL and MLB during the pandemic, showing its adaptability and effectiveness.

  1. nanoStream

Achieve ultra-low latency and seamless integration with your preferred live streaming framework using nanoStream. Company Overview: Boasting exceptional low latency even for substantial audiences, nanoStream stands out as a prime choice for live streaming. The best app for live streaming has been recognized as one of Europe's most innovative companies in the realm of live video streaming. This Android and iOS-friendly app caters to businesses aiming to target niche audiences and solidify their brand presence. While it may not be the go-to option for individual users or influencers seeking a free platform, it holds significant relevance for businesses. Core Functionality: nanoStream lets you make your own live video app or smoothly move your current setup to the platform.

Key Features:

• Global CDN ensuring lightning-fast content delivery on any browser or platform • Usability through both mobile app and browsers • Effortless integration with pre-existing live streaming infrastructure


• Low latency, ensuring rapid video delivery to users • Smooth integration with existing infrastructure • Unlimited count of live streams • Cross-platform compatibility


• Some users have reported challenges when integrating with other platforms • Advanced features like white-label capability may necessitate higher-priced packages

Pricing: nanoStream offers three package options:

• Starter Package: $239 per month, includes five broadcasts, 500 viewers, and 200 GB of data • Medium Package: $599 per month, includes ten broadcasts, 2,500 viewers, and 1,000 GB of data • Enterprise/Custom Package: Customized pricing for businesses with unique bandwidth needs or specialized requirements

Technical Details:

• Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, browsers • File Size: Not specified • Device Compatibility: All Apple and Android devices, desktop and laptop computers, and all browsers

Best Use Case: nanoStream is the prime choice for live streaming when ultra-low latency is paramount. If even a few seconds of delay is unacceptable, this app is the solution you're seeking. It's particularly beneficial for use cases like gaming, auctions, e-learning, and more. nanoStream is a favored platform among software developers and organizations worldwide.

  1. Wirecast Go

Effortlessly blend live and pre-planned shots using Wirecast Go. Company Overview: Wirecast Go serves as the mobile counterpart to Wirecast, a prominent live streaming software platform. While the app is entirely free to download, it exclusively caters to iOS users, leaving Android users unable to access it. Wirecast Go offers powerful abilities, including smooth shot changes and real-time audience interaction through comments. These features are popular with influencers and brands. Core Functionality: Wirecast Go facilitates content streaming on an iPhone.

Key Features:

• Facilitates broadcasting in portrait or landscape mode • Seamless transition between multiple pre-planned shots • Incorporates your logos and branding into your live stream • Enables the capture and replay of highlights from live broadcasts


• Offers customization options for integrating your branding • Supports streaming to YouTube Live and RTMP servers • Allows the addition of limitless iOS camera sources within your Local Area Network to create multi-camera productions


• Exclusive availability on iOS Pricing: Wirecast Go is available for free download from the Apple app store. Technical Details: • Operating Systems: iOS only • File Size: 21.5 MB • Device Compatibility: Apple devices with iOS 13.4.1 and newer Best Use Case: Wirecast Go shines among the ranks of top free live streaming apps. It's useful for current Wirecast users and a great choice for those who want to smoothly mix live and planned shots.

  1. Airmix

Blend up to 10 video sources to create a multi-camera live stream production with Teradek's Airmix. Company Overview: Airmix is a standout live streaming app for iOS, providing features like instant replay, slow motion, and custom graphics. Core Functionality: Craft and live stream content using your iPad, utilizing up to 10 video sources for a polished professional live stream.

Key Features:

• Incorporate personalized graphics, text, and more • Encompass instant replay and slow-motion capabilities • Share content across a variety of streaming platforms


• Seamlessly blend multiple video sources from your device • Integrate custom graphics and text to enhance your streams


• Some users find the app less intuitive to navigate • Exclusively available for Apple products • Not optimized for iPhone usage Pricing: Unlike many free live streaming apps that entail monthly subscriptions, Airmix is available for free download on the Apple app store. However, an in-app subscription is available for $29.99 per month.

Technical Details:

• Operating Systems: iOS only • File Size: 151.5 MB • Device Compatibility: Streaming on an iPad requires iPadOS 13.0 or later; Streaming on an app necessitates macOS 11.0 or later (along with an Apple M1 chip)

Best Use Case: Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring broadcaster, Airmix offers an ideal solution for your live video streaming needs. Its application spans various scenarios, including streaming graduation ceremonies, local sports events, and live worship services. Notably, Airmix excels in sports broadcasts due to its exceptional features designed to elevate such content.

  1. BroadcastMe

Company Overview: BroadcastMe stands as a live streaming app make for "accidental journalists," aiding in capturing and sharing news on the move. It incorporates cloud-based video archiving and live streaming functionalities. Core Functionality: Comprising newsgathering, production, and digital asset management, the BroadcastMe app offers tools to empower users to capture and disseminate news videos seamlessly while on the go.

Key Features:

• Live Events: Send remote notifications to app users when they're in proximity to news events • Simultaneous operation of two video streams • Comprehensive production system, encompassing editing tools, SEO capabilities, and integration of infographics


• Simultaneous video streams, offering low-resolution feeds for live streaming and high-resolution video recording to a smartphone's storage • Capability to incorporate infographics and perform necessary video edits • Simultaneous streaming and recording


• Rich in features, potentially complex for individual users to grasp • Primarily tailored for newsgathering purposes • Solely available for Apple devices Pricing: BroadcastMe is available for free download on the Apple App Store. The app presents a one-time, flat fee of $5.99, granting unlimited streaming and lifetime access. In-app purchases are also accessible.

Technical Details:

• Operating Systems: iOS only • File Size: 79.9 MB • Device Compatibility: iPhone iOS 10.0 or later, iPadOS 10.0 or later, iPod Touch iOS 10.0 or later, macOS 11 or later, and a Mac equipped with Apple M1 chip

Best Use Case: BroadcastMe is a white-label app that helps make customized mobile live streaming apps for broadcasting on their platform. If the prospect of establishing your independent live streaming platform intrigues you, BroadcastMe presents an expedited avenue to market entry. Why opt for another app when you can curate your own live streaming experience?

  1. YouNow

Company Overview: YouNow, a seasoned live streaming app, has maintained its presence for over a decade. Recognized for its commitment to safe streaming, these social media platforms app is also accessible on Android devices. Core Functionality: As a social media platforms live streaming app, YouNow fosters direct engagement between broadcasters and their audiences.

Key Features:

• Monetization avenues for creators • Stringent guidelines to ensure safety and uphold integrity • Continuous 24/7 content monitoring • User-friendly login through Google, Apple, and Instagram accounts


• Long-standing presence in the industry • Emphasis on secure streaming environment • User-friendly interface


• live stream experience a decline in popularity in recent times • Monetization opportunities limited to specific "Partners" meeting certain criteria Pricing: YouNow is available for free download. One-time purchases span from $1 to $350. Monthly subscriptions can be purchased for $5. In-app purchases cater to viewers who wish to support their favorite creators.

Technical Details:

• Operating Systems: Android and iOS • File Size: 35 MB (Android), 257.5 MB (Apple) • Device Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later; iPadOS 11.0 or later; Android requires 4.4 and up

Best Use Case: YouNow presents a fusion between YouTube and Periscope in terms of live streaming, offering a unique approach to building a fan base compared to traditional social platforms like YouTube. The platform encourages users to share their talents and live stream experience with their fans. Whether it's playing music, live vlogging, storytelling, or more, YouNow provides a versatile platform. An illustrative application of YouNow was witnessed in 2022 when a streamer leveraged the platform to live stream his firsthand experience during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

  1. Twitch Company Overview: Twitch, a giant in online video streaming owned by Amazon, is famous for live streaming, especially among gamers. It started on desktop but is equally popular for mobile streaming. With over 140 million active users each month and 1.17 million daily streamers, Twitch is a hub for game streaming. It's free for both streamers and viewers, making it a top choice for mobile live streaming. Core Functionality: Twitch emerges as the preeminent platform for live streaming content, providing users the opportunity to subscribe to their favored channels.

Key Features:

• A widely recognized and trusted platform in the live streaming realm • Revenue generation avenues for users encompass donations, subscriptions, and advertisements • Intuitive user interface with availability across desktop and an exceptional mobile streaming app


• Renowned streaming platform with an established reputation • Access to a substantial pool of potential viewers • Subscription model enables users to explore long-term earnings prospects


• High user count can make it challenging for streams to attain visibility Pricing: Twitch operates on a free-to-use basis. The platform's subscription model, Twitch Sub, is structured with three tiers: • Tier One: $4.99 • Tier Two: $9.99 • Tier Three: $24.99

Technical Details:

• Operating Systems: Android and iOS • File Size: Varies based on device (Android), 144.3 MB (Apple) • Device Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up; iPhone iOS 12.4 or later, iPad iOS 12.4 or later, iPod Touch iOS 12.4 or later, or Apple TV tvOS 9.0 or later

Best Use Case: Twitch has consistently upheld its stature as one of the premier live streaming apps, maintaining its popularity and particularly resonating with gamers. This dynamic platform remains a trendy choice and retains its strong presence in the live streaming landscape.

  1. Tango

Company Overview: Tango, originating as a communication app, has transitioned its focus entirely to live streaming. Background: Tango functions as a social live streaming app, Creator-audience interaction through live broadcasts. Initially established in 2009 to support internet calling, messaging, and gaming, Tango ventured into the live streaming arena in 2017. In contrast to platforms like Twitch, Tango's content scope isn't restricted; even non-gamers can become live streamers, nurturing their audience and earning in the process. Core Functionality: Tango serves as a live streaming platform enabling creators to share live streams while actively engaging with their viewers.

Key Features:

• Array of engagement and community-building tools • Support for video platform streaming • Easier for video chatting • Collaborative streaming capabilities • Monetization avenues


• Free-of-charge • Accommodates streamers from diverse industries


• Streamers' revenue potentially lower than other prominent platforms • Occasional reports of technical glitches Pricing: Tango is available for free download and usage. In-app purchases are possible for acquiring "coins." One Tango Coin is priced at 0.01357 USD.

Technical Details:

• Operating Systems: Android and iOS • File Size: Varies by device (Android), 189.7 MB (Apple) • Device Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later; iPadOS 13.0 or later; Android compatibility contingent upon specific device Best Use Case: If you identify as an artist or entertainer and seek avenues to monetize your talents, Tango offers an appealing proposition, particularly for those who perceive platforms like YouTube as overly competitive. Noteworthy examples of creators who often generate income on Tango include fitness influencers, dance instructors, and actors.

  1. YouTube Live

Company Overview: YouTube, a global powerhouse in online video streaming, caters to both pre-recorded video hosting and live streaming content for creators, amassing billions of daily viewers. Within the mobile streaming app landscape, YouTube emerges as a dominant industry leader.

Background: Boasting an astonishing 891 million monthly active users on iOS and Android devices in Q4 2021, YouTube's reach has likely expanded since then. Remarkably, this figure excludes users from other devices. As the second-largest search engine globally, trailing only Google, YouTube Live stands as an optimal conduit for broadcasting live streams to a broad audience and cultivating a substantial follower base. Core Functionality: A cornerstone among top live streaming apps, YouTube presents an invaluable resource for budding creators. Within the YouTube mobile app, YouTube Live is a feature accessible to creators boasting a minimum of 1,000 subscribers, granting them seamless access to mobile live streaming capabilities.

Key Features:

• Mobile live streaming seamlessly integrated into the YouTube app • Option to schedule future live streams or engage in real-time streaming • Diverse array of features, including monetization avenues, live chat functionality, age restrictions, and more


• In-built mobile live streaming functionality within the YouTube app • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices • Flexibility to schedule future live streams or engage in real-time content creation • User-friendly platform familiar to YouTube content creators


• Exclusive to users with over 1,000 subscribers Pricing: YouTube Live is available free of charge to YouTube users. Technical Details: • Operating Systems: Android and iOS • File Size: Varies based on device (Android), 270.9 MB (Apple) • Device Compatibility: Android OS compatibility contingent on specific device; iPhone iOS 11.0 or later, or iPad iOS 11.0 or later.

Best Use Case: Determining a singular best use case for YouTube proves challenging, given its widespread popularity across diverse domains. YouTube Live garners its distinct fan base for mobile live streaming. While catering to niche topics can swiftly lead to traction, broader topics might encounter greater difficulty in gaining prominence on the platform in 2023. In totality, YouTube remains a top-tier live streaming app, particularly suitable for newcomers to the field.

  1. Facebook Live

Introduction: Engage your brand's social media platforms followers with live videos using the app already on your phone. Company Background: With a massive 2.98 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the top social media platform. This massive audience provides an unparalleled avenue for live video streams, ensuring widespread visibility. An added advantage is the ability to choose the intended audience for your live stream.

Background of Facebook: Boasting a colossal user base of 2.98 billion monthly active users, Facebook stands as the premier social media platforms platform. This massive audience provides an unparalleled avenue for live video streams, ensuring widespread visibility. An added advantage is the ability to choose the intended audience for your live stream.

Core Functionality: Facebook Live facilitates effortless streaming of live content on personal or business Facebook pages.

Key Features:

• Capture and share video content seamlessly within the app • Send notifications of new videos to current followers of your page • Enable viewer interaction through the commenting feature


• Convenient live streaming integrated within the existing Facebook app • Monitor and respond to comments in real time • Tap into the pre-existing audience of your page's followers • Stream live from mobile devices or desktop computers


• Streams may face technical glitches akin to broader Facebook platform issues • Reach might be constrained by algorithmic limitations Pricing: Facebook Live is free for all users of the Facebook app.

Technical Details:

• Operating Systems: Android and iOS • File Size: Varies based on device (Android), 283.2 MB (Apple) • Device Compatibility: Varies by device (Android); iPhone iOS 11.0 or later, iPod Touch iOS 11.0 or later, iPad iOS 11.0 or later, or Apple TV tvOS 13.0 or later

Best Use Case: Facebook Live is ideal for freelancers and business owners sharing expertise through Q&A sessions, discussions, and consultations. It's a free app for Android and Apple users, perfect for mobile live streaming. In 2023, it's also used for causes, gaming, or simply easy and free mobile streaming.

This comprehensive overview has simplified the process of comparing and selecting the ideal live streaming apps for your needs. The significance of live streaming content, whether it's covering newsworthy events, broadcasting church services, or hosting conferences, cannot be overstated in today's video content landscape.

For the best video quality and top live streaming, using the right tools is key, especially for on-the-go streaming. Whether you prefer standalone apps or ones that work with existing platforms, it's crucial to find what fits you. This ensures you create engaging content smoothly, without interruptions.

By using Dacast along with the right live streaming app for you, you can easily make captivating live streaming content. This content can be quickly shared with your audience on different platforms and locations. Curious about Dacast's suitable for your live streaming endeavors? Take advantage of the 14-day free trial of the live stream app. This allows you to explore the full array of features that Dacast offers for your live streaming content. The trial does not necessitate a long-term commitment, a hefty initial investment, or even the submission of your credit card information.

This guide gives you the info you need to choose the right live streaming apps. It helps you smoothly start live streaming and connect with your audience in creative and impactful